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In order to resolve your injury we need to firstly understand the cause of the problem and the effect it has on your day to day life. We do this by carrying out a thorough initial assessment at your first appointment. We will discuss the onset of the problem and the circumstances in which it occurred before carrying out a physical assessment. (Comfortable loose clothing is advised).


From our findings we will then draw up a physiotherapy treatment plan which will be specific to your needs with a view to relieving symptoms and treating your injury/condition. The physiotherapist will clearly explain details of the diagnosis and what course of treatment he thinks you will need. Feel free to discuss any questions you may have with the physiotherapist at this stage regarding treatment and outcome.



Unlike some companies we do not as a company employ a “block booking” system whereby you are given for example a six or twelve week appointment programme bookable/payable in advance. We believe in treating our patients on a week to week basis so that we may monitor progress closely before and after each physiotherapy session. Every patient is treated as an individual as each patient experiences different levels of recovery dependent on age and personnel physical make up. At the end of each treatment session you will be advised by the physiotherapist if you need further treatment and if so how regularly.

We treat all types of injuries and symptoms

• Neck and shoulder pain

• Upper and lower back ache

• Sciatica

• Knee injuries

• Sports injuries including tennis and golfer’s elbow, shin splints and running complaints

• Headaches and migraines

• Arthritis and joint related problems

• Posture related pain

• Stress related issues

• Muscle imbalance

• Repetitive strain injuries

• Biomechanical/ foot related issues

• Movement impairment

Physiotherapy treatment plans in Port Talbot


Physiotherapy treatment plans

Tailored treatment